Customer Reserve Account (Optional)
(this option allows you to pay a larger initial payment to lower each of your monthly payments)


Use this calculator if the customer has a set amount of money that they would like to split between their initial payment and the CRA. Enter the total amount here: $
Enter ${ target_amount_cra_formatted } into the CRA field for the customers total initial payment to equal ${ target_amount_formatted }

Liability Damage Waiver:    Accept   or   Decline    this coverage
Rental Payments
Monthly Rental Payment Plus LDW Plus tax Total
With optional reserve
Normal With optional reserve
Monthly Rental Payment
Plus LDW
Plus tax
Breakdown of Initial Payment
a. Initial Rental Payment (1 Month)
b. Security Deposit
c. Initial Sales Tax
d. Liability Damage Waiver
e. Customer Reserve Account
f. Total Initial Payment